A delicate rejuvenating anti-age balm Occhi ("Eyes") with an elasticising action and filler effect to tone, smooth and revitalise the skin around the eyes.

The vegetal hyaluronic acid, special celery extract and pomegranate seed oil visibly reduce the signs of aging in the areas around the eyes and lips. The natural active ingredients of the special Occhi treatment are released gradually, enhancing the skin’s ability to rejuvenate. Enriched with shea butter, evening primrose oil, plum kernel oil, and baobab oil, with its smooth, creamy texture it provides deep, long-lasting nourishment for the skin.

Use: Apply morning and night to the skin around the eyes and lips. The precious vegetal active ingredients with their firming action quickly reduce puffiness and leave the skin supple and smooth. For an intensive treatment, combined use with Annoni Elisir is recommended.

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Produced by Apostel Kräuter D-97839 Esselbach, Germany