About us

Precious oils, Mediterranean scents, special antioxidant extracts, selected vegetal butters skilfully mixed with flowers and high quality natural active ingredients and with the famous Spessart spring water in an exclusive formula to give you a radiant natural chic beauty!

The ANNONI brand combines decades of experience of the APOSTEL KRÄUTER natural laboratory and of an international team of herbalists and experts in natural cosmetics to offer a line of products that are not only natural and not tested on animals but also guarantee an extremely effective cosmetic effect thanks to the expertly developed formulation and rigorous ethic and professional research methods.

The strength and purity of nature with natural, first choice organically-grown vegetal ingredients without genetic modification and without enduring sufferance to animals.

Our products are free from preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, paraffin wax, silicone, perfumes and synthetic dyes and alcohol.

Ingredients, efficacy, and tolerability of the finished product are dermatologically tested on people. 100% vegan & natural.

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Produced by Apostel Kräuter D-97839 Esselbach, Germany